One day I searched on YouTube for a meditation for letting go of a relationship, by chance I found Madeline. I started meditating and went into the flow with her soft voice that can help you to imagine and get into the mediation very easy! Later, I got addicted to all her meditations and went into personal coaching with her and here the story begins!

She has been coaching me now for a year and this year made me different! I became stronger and energetic! I manifest and always gets what I want! Before, I was a fragile girl who can be hurt and broken very easily, but now I can control all circumstances happening around me and turn them positively!

But if I will come and talk about My Maddy as a person, she is my energy backbone, she is such a supportive coach who can help you in all issues in your life. I am from Dubai and our society is totally different than where she comes from but she always made me feel that she understands where I come from and she knows how to recommend and suggest solutions for anything I go through even if it’s something related to something she never went through!

I simply love her and I don’t think I would live away from my super coach Madeline Rinehart. I strongly recommend her as a coach because she is always just a phone call away from you whenever you needed her and truly this is what she does! She is always all yours!
— Lulu
I have been following Madeline for a long while and her meditation YouTube channel is my go to place when I feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed or just need a bit of me-time. Her work resonates with me so much, so that when I got the chance to work with her, I jumped at it. And I was NOT disappointed. She provided me with so much value and insight and I have come away with so much information and strategies to follow. You can completely tell this is her passion as she is so knowledgeable and insightful. I love her energy - I could feel it all the way in Scotland! I will definitely be back for more <3
— Nicola McLeod

If you’re considering using a coach, let me tell you should! And you should definitely use Madeline!!

As a small business owner and probably Type-A personality, I’ve moved beyond stress, worry, and struggle into more of a place of going with the flow and trusting. If anything came up during the sessions that needed to be addressed she was fine with setting the session agenda aside and moving the energy to clear any blocks or shift beliefs. And her meditations are AWESOME!!

Basically her sessions turbo-charged my expansion into a new, exciting place! I had so many insights and realizations during our sessions. Not only am I eagerly anticipating what’s in my future but I’m super excited for Madeline’s future because she’s a superstar!!

We are all in this together and you’ll definitely feel that with Madeline as your coach!!
— Amy P., GA

Hi Madeline, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your gift. It was wonderful to be there and to be a part of the experience with my colleagues.
— Grace Whitney, Director CT Head Start

I got further in 3 weeks than in half a year seeing a therapist... The anger keeps changing and getting weaker everytime. So do the various symptoms of my chronical illnesses. Thank you so much.
— Anne N. Berlin, Germany

Yael Rose

Yael Rose

Hi Madeline,

Thank you so much for our session the other day and the personalised meditation. I have been excitedly waiting for it to come through, it felt like Christmas!

Listening to it for the first time, I felt so special and privileged that The Meditation Queen has taken the time to make this for me... Your voice is absolutely beautiful and always had such a calming effect on me since I discovered your meditations on YouTube. The music you use complements it beautifully and the whole meditation takes me to a new dimension.
Personally I love my affirmations and hearing you call them out loud while in a meditative state is so powerful. I use the meditation regularly now before I go to bed each night and it has simply transformed my sleep and my life!

I think I will commission a new meditation before every new project I embark on. Cannot thank you enough and the amazing work you do in this world!

Much love
— Yael Rose, UK

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