you were always the one who saw things a little differently.

The one who's dreams didn't quite match reality.

big dreams

luxurious dreams

visions where everything and everyone were simply magnetic to you.

a soul-calling to rise higher.


this is my most advanced training yet

1:1 mentorship with me at the highest level

Spiritual Guidance, Angel Guidance, Action Steps, Daily Support, Crystal Clarity, Practical Application, BONUS'S galore!

This is SPECIFICALLY created for the woman who is ready to rise and feels it in her bones. The woman who is COMMITTED and PASSIONATE! The woman who REFUSES to take no for an answer when it comes to her destiny. She will NOT give up on herself, she will NEVER give up on purpose, and will NEVER SETTLE for anything less than what she KNOWS she is worthy of obtaining. (Yas Queen!)

Here's the thing... I believe we can all ascend to a next level. It's there, right now, ready for you to conquer and unlock.

I don't, however, believe most people do.


The leaders, uplifters of the highest caliber, celebrities, multi-millionaires, whatever and whomever you look up to, I'm blessed to say I know these kinds of people, I work with these kinds of people, I am trained by these kinds of people and they are all human aF!

Fears. Insecurities. Bad Days. Low-Vibe days. Fat days. You name it, They go through it all. what makes them different is not that they're special, it's that they decided to be that way.

And that is exactly what this program is all about.

There is wisdom to be shared about what it truly takes to move into your next level.


I AM QUEEN will guide you through the exact processes, inner workings, meditations, daily prompts and ascension processes that some of the most successful people I know practice daily.

It's 4 weeks. You + Me. A very select Inner Circle (I'm only taking on 3 people). Bi-Weekly, 1:1 training, and daily stuff in your inbox to keep you focused and ready to take action.


What you will gain from this program:

  • Crystal clarity on your vision
  • Guidance in re-defining and re-dreaming your dream(s).
  • A tailored plan to bring your dream to life.
  • 4 weeks of 1:1 mentorship with me
  • Bi-Weekly training
  • 24/7 messenger access to me.
  • Mental, Emotional, Inner Game training to keep you focused and moving at the speed of alignment!
  • Angel Guidance
  • Accountability, vibe-shifting, and re-alignment with your purpose.
  • Me holding your hand throughout the whole process.
  • BONUS'S GALORE!! All-access to my previously released programs. :)

Because of the level of commitment between you and myself,

I am only taking on 3 people for 'I AM QUEEN.'

We begin Wednesday, January 17th!!!

Click below to claim your spot now.