You've busted your butt all your life

You're an independent woman

Who gets what she wants, does what she wants, and decides what she wants for herself.

You're not interested in the old male archetypes like "The Bad Boy," "Man-Child," or the "Emotionally Unavailable Guy." 

You want something deeper.

Something real.

you're a woman who is ready to start looking within. a woman who is ready to start where she is right now. even if that means you're not sure how everything will turn out, you want to try. 

Because you're really ready for things to change now.

You're also a woman who has come to know there is truth in the Law of Attraction.

And you're eager to learn more. 

Welcome to Legendary Love.

This program was made for you.

This program is designed to connect you with You. Some call it the Soul, some call it Spirit, the Divine, or the Higher Self. It's that part of you that knows exactly where you are, what you want, and knows the easiest way for you to get it.

This isn't the typical, "Have a wish and make a list" program.

This program is packed with high-energy. Focused energy.

It's packed with processes intended to expose the very things that have been holding you back.

The very issues that have blocked you from attracting the person you want in your life.

This program is about you releasing, discovering, and radiating.

This program is a complete immersion into meditation, spiritual laws, and practical strategies that keep you focused, keep you on target, and keep you accountable for your vibration and manifestations.

Processes that I've used with myself and clients for successful relationship attraction over and over.


Module 1:

  • Releasing old relationships and removing toxic relationship patterns.

  • Learning how to work with the Law of Attraction to manifest a relationship.

  • Understanding the mindset for self-confidence.



  • Learn how to work with breath for enhanced intimacy and euphoria.

  • Go through advanced meditations for connecting with your soulmate.

  • Master the keys to maintaining a fulfilling relationship.


  • Mastering polarity to create the 'spark.'

  • Creating your 'Amazing Relationship Magnet.'

  • Learn the Highest Vision Process for connecting with your soulmate. 


Module 4:

  • Discover the tools to create emotional and mental closeness in your relationships.

  • Learn the visualization processes for calling in your soulmate.

  • Closing Ceremony.


This module is designed to answer any and all questions that you and our group have developed through our time together. We will dive deeper into:

  • Fun games and processes for maintaining a positive psychology.
  • The Program Packet, making sure that all notes and tips are in place to send you on your way.
  • Revisit any meditations or visualization techniques for getting your vibe right.
  • Answer any questions about energy, soulmates, or other advanced topics as you like.


You will also be gifted a bonus, 30-minute coaching session with Madeline.

Because sometimes we need someone to take a closer look at what's going on within us.

Sorry love, this program is officially closed. Be sure to get on the list to know when Legendary Love 3 launches!


Legendary Love 2:

The empowered woman's Law of Attraction & Meditation Program for attracting your soulmate


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